We want to make this a great and safe as possible day out for all. We ask that you take time to understand the Activity Waiver, read and respect the race rules and familiarise yourself with important information. Thank you!

Before the race:

Activity Waiver, in order to participate in the ‘Monte Challenge’; you will agree when registering your place online, that you will sign in person at the race registration (6th or 7th September 2024), an Activity Waiver Form. You cannot take part in the race unless the Activity Waiver is signed.

What is an Activity Waiver Form? It is an agreement between the Monte Challenge Adventure Club (MCAC) (race organiser of the Monte Challenge) and you, (the race participant), in which you agree a) that you understand the risks of the activity (a multi-adventure race) b) will not sue the race organiser for any injuries or damages d) that you understand the important information and agree to the race rules c) grant permission for the MCAC to capture your image in photographs, video etc which may be used in MCAC promotional material, website and social media. You will find a copy of the Activity Waiver on the Registration page and you will be asked to sign it in person on 6th or 7th September. 

Entry Age, for the Full and Half Monte routes, all entrants must be 18 years and over on the day of the race. For the Little Monte, Minors (under 18s) are allowed but only with a parent or a guardian over 18 years of age who will supervise and take responsibility for the Minor at all times during the route.

Race entry, is non refundable. Please contact montechallenge@gmail.com if you wish to transfer your entry to another person, available until 31st August. You must book Full or Half Monte race entry online on the Registration page. You can book the Little Monte online or in person on Friday 6th Sept 18:30-21:00 or Saturday 7th Sept 6:30-9:00am.

Race briefing, this is mandatory to attend and will contain essential information on the day. If you miss the race briefing, you will not be able to race.

Routes, are marked with signs and with marshals at major junctions. All routes are subject to change and you will be notified in advance or on the day.

Mandatory Kit, will be checked at race registration. It must be carried at all times during the race. You will not able to race without Mandatory Kit.

During the race:

Race organisers & marshals, are there to help and ensure health & safety, please respect and follow their instructions and guidance at all times. The Race Director’s and Organiser’s decision on any matter relating to the participant in the race is final.

Other competitors, if you come across another competitor in difficulty, please stop to help and call the Race Director’s phone-number and/or alert the nearest marshal.

Race markings, the routes will be marked with flags and signage and have marshalls at key junctions. Any areas with hazards will have red flags. 

Roads on the routes, there are no road closures on the route and participants must follow the road traffic laws and be respectful of other road users. The route consists of mainly tarmacked side roads. Please be aware of risks associated with variable surfaces (loose gravel, pot-holes, grass), steep ascents/descents, sharp bends, junctions. 

Carnaween mountain hike/run (Full Monte Route, Leg 3), has sections without any road or trail. Please be aware of risks and exercise extreme caution on the ascent and descent across varied and steep terrain (fences, bog, streams, holes, rocks).

Race chips & timings, please ensure your time is checked at each station (on the timing mats) and that you do not loose your timing chip (on your race number). No race chip, no time. 

Transition zones, there is no cycling in these areas. You will be told by marshals and signage when to slow down, dismount and walk.

Aid stations, please carry your own food and water. There will be aid stations at the transition zones and at various locations. At the Aid Station, you will be able to fill your water-bottles and top up on race snacks. First Aid will be available at some Aid Stations.

Disqualification, you will be disqualified if you:

• Don’t have your Mandatory Kit on your person at all times during the race.
• Litter on the route.
• Disobey marshal’s instructions.
• Take short cuts or fail to follow the route map.
• Trespass.
• Get lifts or start drafting behind a moving vehicle.

Retiring from the race, if you decide to retire, please report this to the Race Director, the number will be on your race number bib. Safety personnel have a right to remove participants from the race, if they feel the person is in difficulty and at risk to themselves/others.

Headphones, are not allowed, for health and safety reasons.

Electric bikes, are not permitted.

Race cancellation before or during the event, if there are adverse weather warnings or other unforeseen circumstances, the Race Director and committee reserve the right to cancel the race. There will be no refunds.