All routes are subject to change and you will be notified in advance or on the day.

Leg 1
Run | 5.2km | 85m Elevation
Route Overview: Start your adventure race at the Mountcharles Community Centre, run downhill past the Chapel, turning right, watch out for a very steep descent past the Hall Demesne wall. Enjoy the views of Donegal Bay as you turn right onto the shore road and make your way from the little pier, past the big pier and get ready for the uphill past Salthill Gardens. Loop back right to Mountcharles. 
Terrain: Tarmac side road.

Leg 2
Cycle | 19.5km | 370m Elevation
Route Overview: Pick up your bike at the transition zone at Gallagher’s Funeral Home Car Park, go along the shore road again and up multiple hills, going right to take you past McMonagle’s Stone and down into Mountcharles. Leaving the village, head under the bypass, then uphill towards Drumkeelan, enjoy stunning views of the Bluestacks. You’ll head towards Letterbarra. Bear right past the chapel, pedal towards the hills and drop your bike at the transition zone at Letterbara FC.
Terrain: Tarmac side road.

Leg 3
Run/Hike | 6km | 415m Elevation
Route Overview: With the iconic Carnaween in front of you, pass the football pitch, along the road, over the little Eany Beg River bridge, turning right up to an old farmstead and red shed. Then hit the open mountain, with a steep ascent in an anti-clockwise direction, the route will be marked. Please follow the white flags and only cross the fences at designated points with styles. Clamber up the rocky summit, take a moment to admire the views across to Fermanagh, Leitrim, Sligo and the Donegal coastline. Turn around and head (carefully!) down again.
Terrain: some road, track. The climb is on open mountain with no trail and several fences. Extreme caution is advised; underfoot is un-even, boggy, likely wet, has streams & holes. Trail or hiking shoes with proper sole grips are highly recommended to minimise risk of falling.

Leg 4
Cycle | 21km | 460m Elevation
Route Overview: Back at the transition zone, collect your bike and get ready for more climbing! Turn left and bear right and up the ‘slog of a hill’, Meenaguse. At the top of the climb, you’ll be in the heart of the Bluestacks, with the Greymare’s Tail Waterfall and Struell Gap to your left. Carefully descend along the gravel/pot holed road, turn right and head back to Letterbarra. Turn up towards the infamous Altadoo climb, then towards Edrim Glebe. Marshals will guide you through several junctions to take you on a network of quiet rural side roads, back to Mountcharles. Stay to the right of the red cones on the entrance to the Gallagher’s Funeral Home transition zone.
Terrain: tarmac road, sections around Meenaguse have loose gravel, potholes. Extreme caution is advised in these sections, particularly on the descents.

Leg 5
Run | 5km
Route Overview: leave your bike at Gallagher’s Funeral Home transition zone and run down past the Hall Demesne. Carry on along the road, to a right turn and find yourself on the beach. Turn left along the Warren, going in a clockwise direction and following the white flags over dunes. Looping back onto the road, to enjoy the final push uphill past those Hall Demesne Walls and for a sprint finish up to the Community Centre.
Terrain: tarmac road, beach with sand, stones and sand dunes. Caution is advised; underfoot is un-even in places and may be slippery on stones.